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Buying a Yak

All you need to pick a good yak

Buying a Used Yak

Is it really a bargain?

Top 5 Yaks for around $500

All you need to pick a good yak

Holston River Outfitters

Easy Way to a Greatest Day

To Fish or Not to Fish?

You’re guaranteed to catch a good time!

River Rants – Chinese Buffet

Done got Bamboozled at the Boofay

So, You Wanna Yak?

Once you try it…just try it.

This is a site by a couple of yakkers built for yakkers. Cause we just want to spread the word about recreational kayaking…aka floating in a lounge chair with a cooler of ice cold beverages.

You may ask yourself why do these 2 bovine blowhards brave the elements on their quest to spread the word about yakkin (recreational kayaking to the robots what crawl sites looking for relevancy). Well they tried to get a job with Chik-Fil-A but failed the entrance exam and hygiene standards miserably. With their career chicken peddling dashed upon the rocks of bad ideas they settled upon a new quest.

Sharing is Caring!

Sharing their love of kayaking (yakkin) with the world. Sure someone might have told them that just because yak is in the word kayak it doesn’t mean it was meant for them but that person would be a jerk. That person would not only be a jerk but would also be criminally inaccurate because yakkin is for everyone.

Reasons to Love Yakkin!
There are a multitude of reasons to love yakking but here are just a few.

  1. It’s FREE , ok you have to buy or rent a kayak, paddle, personal floatation device or PFD, and some snacks but after that it’s free!
  2. You Decide How Hard it Is, When people think kayaking they often picture some doodaroo in a big helmet all hopped up on Mtn Dew with a Monster Energy Drink neck tattoo but that just isn’t the case. Kayaking especially flatwater or recreational kayaking can be a very low impact and therapeutic outdoor activity that is perfect for everyone.
  3. It’s Good For the Soul, Getting out in nature is known to be therapeutic on many levels. It’s in a book somewhere trust me. You can hike to get out in nature sure but when you kayak you get to hike without walking.

Ah You Only Live Once…go head and buy it…you’ll make a HappyYak!