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This is a site by a couple of yakkers built for yakkers who like to kayak aka float in chair with beverage.

If you haven’t noticed via social media or the plethora of kayak displays at Walmart, the sport of kayaking has boomed in the past few years as production costs have decreased with an ever-growing consumer demand. Unlike many of the other outdoor leisures, kayaking requires a continually decreasing initial investment. Once that initial investment is made, you can grow it into whatever form of yakking that suits your own interests. You just have to make it to that piece of water you want to tackle. Growing up in the southeast during the summer Olympic games and up until about the year 2000, I thought incorrectly that yakking was reserved for the most upper tiers of wealthy and athletically talented individuals among us. “How wrong I was.“ If traced back to its origins, kayaking is a means of water-tight travel by the Inuits a long…long time ago….(almost 4000 years ago) with the key word being “water tight”…a covered vessel. I mean, it was ingenious but built of necessity. I know I would not want sub-freezing arctic water being splashed onto my tally yakker.

How those initial wooden fishing and hunting vessels transformed into 4-foot long fiberglass outerwear that traversed Class 4 rapids on a humanly-modified Oconee river during the 1996 Summer Games, I cannot tell you. I can tell you that, up until about 10 years ago, I never considered trying it until a friend invited me to go. Ten minutes into that trip completely changed my preconceived notions of the sport and I’ve been loving it ever since. Sure, there are yakkers that love those rapids and despise my leisurely approach, but we all love our yaks and the sport in general. We are creating this site with differing takes and viewpoints on yakking. Some had rather paddle tooth and nail to go upstream and down a rapid again while I had rather taking the easier route, and depending on the water, my fishing pole.


Here at we want and we encourage debate and honest opinions on yaks, gear, streams, you name it as long as it applies to our mutual interest of kayaking. There are at least two ways to skin a yak, but help us figure out all the ways and we together can grow on promote yakking!

Here are a few great yaks to get started.